The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering graduates future engineers and leaders to meet the needs of modern industry and service organizations.  

Why Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is concerned with analysis, design, and implementation of systems through optimal use of resources—human, material, energy, information, and financial. Systems may range from small units to extremely large operations. In order to accomplish these activities, the industrial engineer must be skilled in mathematics, physical sciences, management, and human relations as well as manufacturing, computer systems, economics, optimization, human behavior, and systems analysis and design.

Industrial engineers have many opportunities for employment and service in industrial, government, research, and public service organizations. Employment opportunities are among the most varied in the engineering field. Industrial engineers hold positions as advisors to management or may participate directly in management decisions. Representative job titles include industrial engineer, manufacturing engineer, systems analyst, quality specialist, operations research analyst, internal consultant, human factors specialist, supervisor, and manager. Industrial engineers are employed by manufacturing and energy firms, government agencies, and service organizations such as airlines, banks, hospitals, health care groups, and consulting companies.

Programs at Iowa

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