Why Iowa?

Why Industrial Engineering at Iowa?

The Industrial Engineering (IE) undergraduate program within the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa emphasizes both a broad education in industrial engineering fundamentals and the opportunity for in-depth learning in an elective focus area. Moreover, Iowa City ranks among the nation's best college towns in countless surveys and studies based on our quality of life, cost of living, and earning potential for young professionals. Forbes ranks U-Iowa as one of the top 10 best college cities to live in. Best College Towns rank Iowa #9 in the top 50 best college towns in America. Iowa City is a vibrant, cultured, accessible, and fun college town. Learn more about Iowa City here.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineers focus on systems and how system components fit together. They often are the people who lead the way in understanding how to use the finite resources of the world to the maximum advantage. Industrial engineers must understand people as well as technology. Consequently, industrial engineering draws upon a variety of different disciplines, from mathematics to psychology, from communications to computer science, from production management to process control.

What do IEs do?

Industrial engineers (IEs) figure out how to do things better. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. IEs make significant contributions to their employers by saving money while making the workplace better for fellow workers. Industrial engineers apply their skills in a wide variety of settings, such as manufacturing systems, traffic control systems, financial risk management, and medical service systems.

See what it's like to be an Industrial Engineer at NASA, Disney, and other world-class organizations.


Where do our IE graduates get jobs?

Our IE graduates have careers that take them all over the world and allow them to do all sorts of different things. Most undergraduate students get their first job in the Midwestern United States. Principal employers of our recent graduates are:

  • Consulting - Accenture, Ernst & Young Consulting, FM Global, Infosys Tech., Seimens Transportation
  • Energy - Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy
  • Food - General Mills, Hormel Foods, Nestle-Purina, Oscar Mayer, Quaker Oats
  • Government - Chicago Transit Authority, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Oakridge National Lab, Rock Island Arsenal
  • Manufacturing - Alcoa, Allsteel, Caterpillar, Centro, John Deere, Emerson Process Management, General Electric, Hon Industrial, IBM, Intel, Ipsco Steel, Johnson Controls, Maytag, Micron Tech., Pella Corp., Quality Manufacturing Corp., Rockwell-Collins, Silgan Plastics, 3M, United-McGill, Vermeer Manufacturing
  • Medical Services - Butler Technical Group, Cerner Corp., Civco Medical Instruments