Certificate in Wind Energy

Wind energy has become a major source of clean energy. Wind energy is expected to grow over the next decades and create new jobs.  Professionals with diverse backgrounds and knowledge of wind energy fundamentals are needed to fill these jobs. A new interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate in wind energy has been developed to meet the emerging market needs. The Certificate in Wind Energy integrates course work and faculty expertise from the departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Geography.


Certificate Course Requirements

The wind energy certificate requires 18 sh of course work in energy, environment, and information science.

Required courses: take at least 2 courses out of the following list

  • ME:4142 Wind Turbine Aeordynamics (Spring, ENGR:2510, 3 sh)
  • ME:4164 Fundamentals of Wind Turbines (no-longer offered)
  • IE:4550 Wind Power Management (Spring, 3 sh)
  • ECE:5630 Sustainable Energy Conversion (Fall odd years, ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611)
  • GEOG:3560 Spatial Analysis of Wind Energy (Spring odd years, 3 sh)
  • CEE:5380 Fluid Flows in Environmental Systems (fall, 3 sh)

Students select from the following courses for the remaining 18 sh, but not including required classes on their majors.

CEE:6223 Environmental Boundary Layers (no-longer offered; replaced with CEE:5380) ECE:2400 Linear Systems (Spring, ENGR:2120, MATH:2560)
ME:5129 Data and Information Systems for Resource Management ECE:3600 Control Systems (Spring, ECE:2400)
ME:5160 Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids (Fall, ENGR:2510) ECE:5430 Electric Drive Systems (Spring odd years, ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611)
CBE:2030 Energy and Society (Fall) ECE:5620 Electric Power Systems (Spring even years, ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611
CBE:3160 Eng Analysis of Alternative Energy Systems (Spring, ENGR:2130) ECE:5600 Control Theory (Fall, ECE:3600)
CEE:4107 Sustainable Systems (Spring) ECE:5640 Computer-Based Control Systems (Spring, ECE:5600)
GEOG:2310 Introduction to Climatology (Fall) CEE:3998:0IND Individual Investigation CEE* (Fall/Spring/Summer)
EES:1290 Energy and the Environment (Spring) ECE:3998:0IND Individual Investigation CEE* (Fall/Spring/Summer)
GEOG:3780 U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context (Spring) ME:4098 Individual Investigation ME* (Fall/Spring/Summer)
GEOG:3520 GIS for Environmental Studies* (Fall) GEOG:4030 Senior Project Seminar* (Spring)
GEOG:3992 Undergraduate Research* (Spring) GEOG:3400 Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice (Spring)
GEOG:3570 LiDAR: Principals and Applications (Spring-even years) ME:5143 Computational Fluid & Thermal Engineering (Fall, ME:3045)*
ME:4113 Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems (Spring)  

*these courses must be approved by a Certificate Advisor in your department, and must include topics or projects of relevance to wind energy.

Prerequisite classes (in parentheses above):

  • ECE:2400 Linear Systems I
  • ECE:5600 Control Theory
  • ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits
  • ENGR:2130 Thermodynamics
  • ENGR:2510 Fluid Mechanics
  • MATH:2560 Engineering Math IV: Differential Equations
  • PHYS:1611 Introductory Physics I

Examples of Wind Energy Certificates by Focus Area

IE EFA in Wind Energy

Student Major Eligibility

The certificate is open to all students meeting eligible to take courses required for the certificate.

Student Advising

Two advisors will serve the certificate, one in the Department of Geography and one from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

For additional information please contact:

Wind Energy Research at the University of Iowa

Graduate Students in Wind Power Management

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