Example Wind Energy Certificate: Focus on Energy & Environment

Satisfies ME Energy and Environment EFA requirements when MATH:3800 or ME:4111 are chosen and EES:1290 is selected as flexible elective.

Semester Course Session SH Pre/Co-requisites
4 (Spring) EES:1290 Energy and the Environment F 3  
5 (Fall) MATH:3800 Elementary Numerical Analysis
ME:4111 (22S:030) Numerical Calculations
F, S F 3 3 MATH:2560 MATH:1560
6 (Spring) IE:4550 Wind Power Management S 3  
7 (Fall) ME:5160 Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids F 3 ENGR:2510
7 (Fall) ME:5143 Computational Fluid and Thermal Engineering F 3 ME:3045
8 (Spring) CEE:4107 Sustainable Systems S 3  
8 (Spring) ME:4142 Wind Turbine Aerodynamics S 3 ENGR:2510