Example Wind Energy Certificate: Focus on Power Systems

Satisfies ECE Tailored Power Systems EFA requirements.

Semester Course Session SH Pre/Co-requisites
5 (Fall) ECE:5630 Sustainable Energy Conversion F (even years) 3 ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611
6 (Spring) ECE:5620 Electric Power Systems S (odd years) 3 ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611
7 (Fall) ECE:5600 Control Theory F 3 ECE:2400
7 (Fall) CEE:5380 Fluid Flows in Environmental Systems F 3  
8 (Spring) ECE:5430 Electric Drive Systems S (even years) 3 ENGR:2120, PHYS:1611
8 (Spring) CEE:4107 Sustainable Systems S 3  

Note: Due to the odd/even availability of the power courses, the ECE courses may need to be swapped between the junior and senior years