Example Wind Energy Certificate: Focus on Spatial Analysis, Planning, & Policy

This choice of courses for the Certificate is an example for Geography students.

Semester Course Session SH Pre/Co-requisites
5 (Fall) GEOG:2310 Introduction to Climatology F 3  
5 (Fall) CBE:2030 Energy and Society F 3  
6 (Spring) IE:4550 Wind Power Management S 3  
6 (Spring) GEOG:3570 LiDAR: Principles and Applications  S 3  
7 (Fall) GEOG:3520  GIS for Environmental Studies F 3  
8 (Spring) GEOG:3560 Spatial Analyses of Wind Energy S (even years) 3  
8 (Spring) GEOG:3400 Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice S 3