Graduate Resources

Current Graduate Student Resources

Academic Calendars - academic deadlines, five-year academic calendar, religious holidays/interfaith calendar

Dissertation and Thesis Technical Support - offered by Information Technology Services (ITS)

Dissertation Support Group - offered through the University Counseling Service

Ethnic Inclusion - opportunities through the College of Engineering Diversity Office

Graduate College Manual - rules and regulations of the Graduate College

Graduate Student Senate - giving a voice in the dialog with university administration, opportunities for professional development, outreach, and social events

Graduate & Professional Organizations - access restricted to currently registered students and login required

Graduate Student Life - connecting you with key services on campus

Industrial and Systems Engineering Graduate Student Handbook - Updated 2021

Professional Development - Resources from the Graduate College offering students opportunities around eight core competencies—Communication, Research and Publication, Diversity, Funding, Teaching, Leadership, Careers, and Wellness

Researcher Handbook - an electronic guide to assist all researcher navigating the complex research environment

Responsible Conduct of Research - a required course for all current graduate students

Thesis and Dissertation - submission details from the Graduate College - includes completion steps, deadlines, support and assistance, graduation, and upcoming thesis defenses