ISE Academic Procedures

Students in the M.S. program shall be placed on academic probation if, after completing nine semester hours of graduate work, their cumulative GPA on graduate work done at The University of Iowa falls below 3.00. The corresponding minimum requirements on cumulative course work taken in the PhD program are 3.00 after the first 12 hours and 3.25 after 24 hours have been completed. Students who have not been removed from probation after one semester may be denied permission to reregister. Each year the advisor shall certify that each student is making satisfactory progress towards degree objectives. Students who have not completed their program requirements (i.e., within 2 years after MS admission, and 3.5 years after PhD admission) will be reviewed by the departmental faculty. Decisions for continued funding and other measures such as denial of privileges to register for coursework will rest with the departmental faculty. If progress is deemed unsatisfactory the student shall be notified in writing by the program coordinator. The notification shall specify in what way(s) the student is failing make satisfactory progress towards degree objectives. The student shall be provided with a reasonable amount of time to resolve the unsatisfactory performance before dismissal. If conditions such as conditional admission or probation are imposed, the program coordinator shall give, at the time of its imposition, a written explanation of this status and its time limits. A student who is denied re-registration shall be notified of this fact in writing with reasons for the action provided. The procedure for academic dismissal is described here.

Since integrity is critical to graduate studies, students may also be denied re-registration or be dismissed directly for less than fully professional conduct. Reasons for such dismissal may include violation of University or Program rules, cheating on assignments or examinations, plagiarism, falsification of admission records, or other forms of dishonesty. The student is also subject to the more general provisions of the University's current Policies and Regulations Affecting Students document, a copy of which may be obtained at each registration. Should a student feel dismissal to be unfair he or she may seek program faculty review of this dismissal. The detailed procedure for academic dismissal is available from the program office upon request.