Alumna starts brewery

Geb Thomas

Alumna Megan Greenwood (BS '11) is bringing a bit of gender equity to the world of craft beer. Greenwood Brewing, in Phoenix, Arizona, currently brews on contract with external brewers. Megan is getting ready to go big, with plans to build a permanent brewery and garden. When asked her how her education at Iowa contributed to her dream she said:

"When I started brewing, I started on my stove and thought it was like cooking. A perfect job for a chef. And then as I continued to build a 1BBL (BBL = barrel = 31 gallons) brewery in my garage, I realized how this is chemical engineering. Now building our 10BBL brewery, I am realizing it’s Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical, and Electrical, (and of course still Chemical) and it’s such a non-traditional engineering path, but one that touches so many disciplines. I graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Iowa, and I loved my coursework, but I struggled finding a job or a role that allowed me to use what I learned and satisfied my passions. Operating a brewing company is my role, this is where my passions can soar, and I am grateful that my education provided me the background to do what I love."

It's exciting to see another alum following her dream and putting her engineering skills to good use. Hopefully there will be a good turnout of Iowa alumns at the opening of the new brewery and a nice place for Hawkeyes to meet when in Pheonix.

A brewer at work
Founder, Megan Greenwood home brewing first 5 gallon beer.