Building Virtual Worlds to Prep for the Real One

The Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) is a multidisciplinary research center within the University of Iowa College of Engineering that conducts basic and applied research in computer modeling and simulation. More than 150 researchers in 16 labs—including the Virtual Soldier Research Program—collaborate under the CCAD umbrella, advancing knowledge and innovation in the fields of engineering, medicine, technology, transportation, and more.

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University of Iowa undergraduate Anna Seydel works at the Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD)—which houses Santos™, a digital model of a soldier used to predict musculoskeletal stress and fatigue. “I really appreciate working on the edge of technology because you’re constantly being exposed to new things. Finding things that no one else has found yet is much more fun than following protocols and guidelines. Research has opened up another future for me.” Photo by Tim Schoon.