Chao Wang to teach his first course in ISE department this Fall

Professor Chao Wang came to the US in 2015 and received his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2019. The same year he came to the ISE department here at the University of Iowa as an assistant professor. Wang now leads the Laboratory for IoT enabled Data Analytics and System Informatics (found here) which focuses on developing and applying data analytics to facilitate the transition from 'Data Rich' to 'Information Rich' in smart and connected systems. The lab works on applications in multistage manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing, water distribution network, and other engineering problems. More specifically, the lab deals with system modeling based on transfer learning and stochastic process prediction and control. These will make excellent examples for the course Chao Wang is teaching this Fall: Stochastic Modeling.

Stochastic models are among the most widely used tools in operations research. Stochastic processes and applications can be used to analyze and solve a diverse range of problems arising in the practice of industrial engineering. This course covers topics such as queueing analysis, decision analysis, inventory models, dynamic programming, and goal programming. After successfully completing the course, students will be able to analyze alternatives within a decision-making context, recognize and solve different inventory problems, model and solve system problems, and analyze dynamic and goal programming problems.

The course will be given in an online format for the first time this Fall as well. Professor Wang says “The Covid-19 definitely caused troubles for teaching and research, but I believe it also stimulates new modes of teaching and research. We are always living in a stochastic environment, and many unknowns are there for exploring. This is why we study 'Stochastic Modeling'.”

Chao Wang UIowa