Choi to Deliver Keynote at Automotive Testing Expo Symposium

K.K. Choi, Carver Professor of Mechanical Engineering, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, and researcher at the UI

Center for Computer-Aided Design, has been invited to make a keynote presentation January 19-21, 2016, at the Automotive Testing Expo Symposium, Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Seoul, Korea. 

The Automotive Testing Expo 2016 will receive over 5,000 engineers in the testing and research field to KINTEX.  The Automotive Testing Expo Conference will host over 450 engineers as attendees to the conference. 

Choi will present “Development of Reliability Analysis and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (RAMDO)”.  As computer-aided engineering tools advance, simulation-based deterministic optimum design is often used in industry, which will be approximately 50% reliable without inclusion of manufacturing and operational uncertainty.  Reliability-based design optimization methods have been developed at the University of Iowa over 15 years. 

With the success of these developments, a new company, RAMDO Solutions, was established in 2014, and was awarded SBIR funding of $1.15M from U.S. Army, to commercialize RAMDO.  RAMDO increases the reliability of optimized designs for better products and customer relationships, and reduces maintenance and warranty costs.