Faculty Recognition by Seniors

Office of Assessment

Each year, the graduating students get to identify one person (faculty or staff) who had a positive influence on them during their time at the University of Iowa. Assistant Professor Priya Pennathur was identified more than 5 times and Lecturer Ruben Beltran del Rio was named MORE THAN 10 TIMES! In addition to them, ALL of the ISE Faculty were named (Stephen Baek, Yong Chen, Andrew Kusiak, Dan McGehee, Arun Pennathur, Tom Schnell, Xuan Song, Geb Thomas). This is a great accomplishment and an indication of the positive effect they have had on our students.

On behalf of all the students at the University, THANK YOU for all that you do and the difference you have made!


Ruben Beltran del Rio
Ruben Beltran del Rio