UI Presents Comprehensive Information Package on Hydroscience

The University of Iowa has introduced a comprehensive information package about one of its premier research areas in hydroscience.

"Iowa dives into the future of water research" is a comprehensive look at how University of Iowa researchers are studying the science and technology of water management. From the impact of floodwaters after heavy rainfall to the way a ship slices through the sea, researchers use field research, laboratory experimentation, and computational analysis to comprehend, master, and protect one of Earth’s most precious resources—water.

The package covers the history of IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering, research areas of expertise, its dynamic leaders over time, and follow up opportunities resulting from the devastating 2008 eastern Iowa flood, including the Iowa Flood Center.

To learn more about the cutting edge research in University of Iowa hydroscience research, you can read the entire information package at https://uiowa.edu/stories/iowa-dives-future-water-research

The C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory, located on the banks of the Iowa River, is the birthplace of hydrodynamics research on the University of Iowa campus.