Faculty Research

The University of Iowa Industrial and Systems Engineering Faculty



Our faculty members are at the forefront of many research fields, including human factors, additive manufacturing, wind energy, and information systems. For a brief description of each faculty member's interests, please see below.


Stephen Baek: Dr. Baek’s research interests lie at the intersection of computational geometry and (deep) machine learning. He studies how shapes and geometric features play a role in many interdisciplinary problems, including medical image analysis, computer vision for automated/autonomous vehicles, and marker-less human motion & activity analysis. He currently directs the Visual Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Iowa.


Yong Chen: Dr. Chen’s primary research interests include reliability theory, simulation optimization, and statistical modeling. His current work focuses on improving the quality and reliability of sensor systems for application in the manufacturing and healthcare industries.


Andrew Kusiak: Dr. Kusiak researches cyber-physical systems, smart manufacturing, and wind energy. His current projects include autonomous modeling of manufacturing systems, process mining, and cloud solutions for manufacturing and energy applications. Dr. Kusiak heads the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Iowa.


Daniel McGehee: Dr. McGehee is currently Director of the National Advanced Driving Simulator Laboratories. His research interests include driver attention and response, crash avoidance, automation, and traumatology. His research integrates engineering, medicine, public health, and public policy.


Priyadarshini Pennathur: Dr. Pennathur researches healthcare IT, aging, cognitive engineering, and information systems. Her current research includes an investigation into healthcare strategies for dealing with hospital readmissions and the application of human factors science for preventing the transmission of pathogens.


Thomas Schnell: Dr. Schnell’s primary research interests include research flight test, flight physiology, flight simulation, and neural markers of workload. Recent investigations include flight safety and training efficacy of live-virtual constructive training exercises and the development of a synthetic vision system now used in thousands of aircraft cockpits. He is the Director of the Operator Performance Laboratory (OPL) and the Associate Director of the Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) at the University of Iowa. He also holds the Captain Jim “MAX” Gross Chair in Engineering.


Xuan Song: Dr. Song’s research focuses on additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing, and mechatronics. His current research interests include next-generation AM technology development, AM process modeling and quality control, including game-changing technologies for tissue engineering, sensors, energy harvesting, and robotics. He directs the Additive Manufacturing-Integrated Product Realization Laboratory (AMPRL) at the University of Iowa.


Geb Thomas: Dr. Thomas’ primary research interests include orthopedic surgical simulation, distributed wireless sensor networks, and robot-human interaction. His current research includes the construction and deployment of an inexpensive monitoring network to investigate factory worker safety and continued research into several surgical simulators for the training and assessment of orthopedic surgical skill. He currently heads the Graphical Representation of Knowledge (GROK) Laboratory at the University of Iowa.