Senior Design Projects

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers undergraduate students a unique design experience in senior design projects sponsored by industrial corporations and service organizations.  Any of our two majors, industrial engineering or mechanical engineering, may enroll in a two-semester design project:

  1. Program for Enhanced Design Experience (PEDE)
  2. Virtual International Project Team (VIPT)

For review of the PEDE and VIPT requirements please visit the program descriptions at Program for Enhanced Design Experience and Virtual International Project Team.

Students not planning to enroll in the PEDE (ME:4186:0001/58:186) and VIPT (ME:4186:0002/58:186) programs, enroll in the semester-long design classes.

All students, irrespective of project category, have access to the expertise of all faculty members in the Design Innovation and Interaction Board. All design projects are presented during Design Night and their quality is evaluated by industrial judges. For more information about senior design projects, please contact the department by phone or e-mail: (319) 467-0346 or