EFAs and Specialized Opportunities

EFAs and Specialized Opportunities

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a wide variety of opportunities for students wishing to pursue unique and accelerated options in industrial engineering. The Elective Focus Areas (EFAs) provide students the opportunity to tailor their coursework to particular interests, such as management, human factors, and big data. Specialized minors and certificates achieve a similar outcome, providing a multitude of opportunities for individualized coursework and research. The department also provides opportunities for students wishing to pursue the Honors program as well as a 5-year BS/MS option, in which students can obtain a Master's degree with only one additional year of study. Finally, many opportunities are available for students to participate in internships, co-operative educational programs, and study abroad programs.

Directions for Selecting Your EFA

Elective Focus Areas

EFAs are an excellent way to tailor your undergraduate degree toward a specific interest of your choosing. Currently, the department offers 7 unique EFA paths in areas such as human factors, big data analytics, and management. Students also have the option of working with a faculty member to individually design their own EFA path.

Honors Program and Dual BS/MS Degree

We also offer two opportunities for students who wish to accelerate their plan of study. The Honors program is a great chance for high-achieving students to gain research experience that will prepare them for the professional world. The joint BS/MS degree gives students the chance to earn a Master's degree with only one additional year of study.

  • Honors Program
  • U2G Program (formerly the BS/MS) to get a Masters within one year a bachelor's degree

Minors and Certificates

The University of Iowa offers a multitude of minors to complement your ISE degree. The two most popular minors are the minor in Business Administration and the Math minor. Certificates are also a great way of complementing a degree in industrial engineering. Below are the most popular certificates sought by students.

Design Experiences

Design projects provide another way for students to conduct independent research to prepare them for the journey toward a professional career. See the link below for more information.

Co-ops, Internships, and Study Abroad

Many upperclassmen seek opportunities for co-ops, internships, and study abroad program. Click the links below to find out more.

Student Research Opportunities